McAfee Expanded its Cloud Security Platform to the Microsoft Azure

On Wednesday, McAfee has made an announcement that its cloud security product will be providing its security services to Microsoft Azure. The McAfee Cloud Security will shield the services of Azure like Sky-high Security Cloud, Virtual Network Security Platform and Cloud Workload Security.

Microsoft Azure is one of the services of Microsoft based on the cloud computing that deploys builds as well as manage the applications and the services over global networks. Apart from these, the Azure also offers all the three cloud services like Saas (Software as a service), PaaS (Platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service).

McAfee is one of the companies that have been making the continuous efforts since years in order to offer a better security solution to its users. McAfee has been offering all the advanced features within its security products to keep the device and data of its users to be protected against the threats like viruses, malware, spyware and many more cyber attacks.

This joint solution of McAfee and Azure through McAfee Cloud Security Platform includes the Sky high Security Cloud that is based on the CASB (i.e. cloud access security broker) platform of the Sky high. This CASB is used to acquire the control over the data access and avoid the uploading of sensitive data. The main aim of these CASBs is to protect the data centers of the Azure and also best meet the security requirements of the organizations that have been using the services of Azure.

Some of the other joint solutions of McAfee and Azure have been named as McAfee Cloud Workload Security and McAfee Virtual Network Security. The McAfee Cloud Workload Security aims at protecting the workloads running over the virtual machines. While the McAfee Virtual Network Security platform is specially designed for the Azure users so as to keep an eye over the threats in virtualized infrastructure and block these before they cause any harm to them.

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