Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ to have an in-built McAfee anti-malware protection

On 27th February 2018, in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, McAfee joined hands with Samsung to provide antivirus services to the selected Samsung devices including Smartphones, PCs, Smart TVs, and Notebook. But with the latest update, its Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are soon to have the complete protection against the malware. These latest Samsung devices will be covered by the renowned security services and software provider, McAfee.

Smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 8 have come up with the latest features as pre-installation of Virus Scan and secure Wi-Fi services, of which McAfee is providing back-end infrastructure.

In a recent interview, McAfee’s Executive Vice-president, Consumer Business Group, John Giamatteo said that the people are using connected devices in public places and these became important to protect the online lives of the people. He further says that due to increase threats and attacks, they are partnering with Samsung to give customers the assurance of safety and protection.

On 2017, the announcement was made by the cybersecurity firm that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come up with the latest features of secure Wi-Fi for the US. This feature is now available all over the Europe and with the more latest update, the software will be updated through the Operating System (OS).

The apps like McAfee Security which is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs are used to recognize and omit malware. Other apps like McAfee Live Safe which is compatible with Samsung’s PC (2018) and notebooks are used for cross-device security.

Apart from McAfee, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ also come with Knox security solution. The Samsung company on their website explains the function of the Samsung Knox in Samsung mobile phones. Samsung Knox helps its customer to carry out work and personal stuffs from one device, with secure data and this feature, is exclusive for the professionals.

Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched with special enterprise edition with a security-focused solution.  The Company further talks about the mobile security solutions, where they have provided protection from day to day mobile security threats, simple device configuration and remote management.

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