How to delete McAfee Endpoint Encryption from your PC

McAfee is almost ruling the world in the domain of security software, leaving behind its competitors far behind. The company is acknowledged for the services it provides to the consumers as well as for the business purposes. Each and every product of McAfee may look similar but their functions and features are completely different from one another and vary according to the purposes they have been used.

McAfee Endpoint Encryption comes under McAfee Total Protection for a business that provides total data protection, flawless deployment for MS-Windows and Apple Mac endpoints as well as protection for storing the data in the cloud. The Endpoint Encryption also provides access control for business and enterprise PCs.

Some of the features of McAfee Endpoint Encryption which attracts the users to try this product are-

  • File and removable media protection.
  • Endpoint assistant app.
  • Drive Encryption.

You can at any time remove or delete the Endpoint Encryption from your system if you have no use of the software or you’re preparing your system for the new version of the software. Windows is providing you with a native uninstaller utility that helps you in managing all the software programs that all are installed in your system.

Below provided are the steps for deletion of McAfee Endpoint Encryption are-

  1. Make sure your PC is switched on, sign-in to Windows with an administrative account.
  2. Click on start button from the taskbar
  3. Select control panel option from the menu bar followed by programs option.
  4. Select programs and features option.
  5. Now from the programs listed, select McAfee Endpoint Encryption software then select uninstall option.
  6. In the uninstaller window, select next option, followed by clicking remove all option.

Please note- The moment you click on remove all option, a progress bar will pop up immediately

Showing the uninstall process.

  1. Now, to save the changes in your system restart your PC.

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