How to fix a slow PC performance caused due to McAfee antivirus

Are you a window, iOS, or Android user? If yes, then you must have heard the name of antivirus. McAfee delivers the world’s most efficient cybersecurity solutions.  It protects your PCs, laptops, and mobile phones from various malware, online threats, and viruses. Although McAfee security setup saves your computer from a varied number of threats and viruses, but the consistent interference of this security setup can make your computer work slower than before.

After installing McAfee antivirus, the users may experience slow response of their systems. Also, the user wants to know the reason, why does it happen to their PCs, laptops or handheld devices. Actually, McAfee constantly protects the hard-drive and keeps on scanning each and every, folder and file that tries to access the registry or any driver file in the system, which are sent to the temporary folder. The files and folders won’t get corrupted and this scanning process makes the processor of the PC respond slow. Therefore, the pc, laptop or handheld device starts to hang.

Through this article, the user will come to know about some simple tips to save the computer by going slow or lagging. These tips will also help your system to work faster and protect it from various threats and viruses as well. To get rid of this issue, the user needs to follow some simple steps to make the system work properly without hanging.

Step 1: The user needs to change continuous protection to steady observation.

  1. First, open McAfee program
  2. Now, enlarge the Navigation section
  3. At last change the Protection tab, from continuous Protection to Continuous Surveillance

Note: If the user wants to navigate to the un-trusted websites, then it is necessary to enable full McAfee Protection feature instead of surveillance mode.

Step 2: Prevent McAfee eating up system Ram and other resources:

  1. Press CTRL+R to open the Run Command
  2. Go to search bar and type “msconfig”
  3. Locate to start button
  4. Now, uncheck the boxes that are related to McAfee

Step 3: Stop unnecessary repetitive scanning of browser history:

Make sure that the user disables the feature of total protection and change it to surveillance. By enabling this feature your security setup stop interfering your work and keeps on scanning necessary files and folders only. It will make your system to work properly without going slow or hanging again and again due to McAfee security suite.

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