How to uninstall McAfee’s Site Advisor or Web Advisor from PC

McAfee is one of the reputed security software Company, which provides a shield of protection to its users’ devices by regular scanning and detection of errors. This makes the users’ have an error free experiences. products have different features for different uses with unique identifier code called SKU.

 Web Advisor or SiteAdvisor are the McAfee’s products which provide services for the safety of websites by scanning and detecting on the web and sites. WebAdvisor runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10. But if you’re using a browser that runs on Windows XP or Vista then Site Advisor will get updated instead of WebAdvisor.

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Please note- Web Advisor or SiteAdvisor can be installed as a standalone app as well as an integrated part of McAfee Security suite.

Below provided are the steps as per your choice, to follow them for successful uninstallation of SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor:

  • Uninstallation of SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor (Standalone App)

The Steps for uninstallation of the McAfee’s SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor, (Stand-alone app) from Windows PC are:

Step 1-Make sure you close all the web browsers and pages, that are running on the PC.

Step 2-Select the Start button from the taskbar menu.

Step 3-Look for the Control panel, by typing on the search box. And Click on it.

Step 4-In the Control Panel, select Programs and Features (or Add or Remove Programs) and click on the option McAfee WebAdvisor or SiteAdvisor, from the list of programs.

Step 5-Click on Uninstall or Change or Remove option as displayed on your screen.

Step 6-Now you need to restart your PC.

  • Uninstallation of SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor (An integrated with security suite)

The Steps for uninstallation of the McAfee’s SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor, (An integrated with security suite) from Windows PC are:

Step 1-Check once whether you close all the pages and applications that are running on the background.

Step 2-On the Windows PC, select on the Start button from the left-side of the taskbar.

Step 3-Search for the Control Panel, in the search box and click Enter.

Steps 4-In the Control Panel option, select Programs and Features or Add or Remove Programs as displayed on the screen.

Step 5- Then select McAfee WebAdvisor or SiteAdvisor from the list of programs and click Uninstall or change or Remove, as it shows.

Step 6-If asked, and then select only the checkbox, which is next to SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor.

Step7- Select Uninstall or Remove, to uninstall the security product.

Step 8-Restart your PC, to make the changes

In case, you change your mind and thought of just simply turn-off the security protection temporarily. This change will disable the add-on on your browser, without uninstalling it totally.

The steps are given to disable the add-ons on your Chrome for McAfee’s Site Advisor or Web Advisor. They are as follows:

Step 1-Open your Windows PC and click on the Chrome browser.

Step 2-Select on the Menu bar on the upper right.

Step 3- Then go for selecting more tools, followed by extensions.

Step 4-Erase the check mark, which is next to McAfee WebAdvisor or SiteAdvisor.

If you face any issues related to uninstallation of McAfee’s SiteAdvisor or WebAdvisor from your PC, then feel free to contact Mcafee activate to get technical support from the experts.


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