How to use McAfee Parental Control

McAfee, world’s leading online security solutions and services provider also helps its customers to decide the limit of internet access for their kids. This simply means that you can set a limit of internet usage as well as the websites your kids can visit. All such features can be accessed via McAfee parental controls. It allows a user to do the following:

Safe Browsing: With this feature, you can rest assure as none of the website or web page having inappropriate content will be displayed in the search engine result pages.

Age-appropriate website filters: The feature enables the users to make sure their child can view only the websites with age-appropriate limit. You can also modify or review the kind of content accessible to your children.

Filter list: Helps you block certain websites so that your children cannot access them

Password Protection– The feature enables you protect the parental control settings so that no one can change them.

McAfee parental control plays an important role as it protects the digital world of your kids from all kinds of malicious activities and viruses. For setting up the parental controls in McAfee Privacy Service, make sure that each computer user possesses an individual Windows user account. If not, create the user account first by closing the McAfee software. Once you finish creating the account, re-open the antivirus software to allocate the protection settings to the new user account in the McAfee parental control.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Also, assign the administrator password, which is responsible for selecting the protection settings for each child. With protection settings, you can take control over what your child can do on the web and the password helps you ensure that only you are authorized to modify those protection settings. This means every time you want to modify the settings, you will be asked to provide the password. Once the process of Windows account creation completes set the password by following these steps:

  1. Open your McAfee product and click Parental Controls
  2. Now, click the link for the same
  3. Under the Administrator Password section, click Set
  4. Set a secure password
  5. Confirm the same by typing it again
  6. Now, enter the hint for the password in the Enter Password Hint section and click Next
  7. Click OK
  8. It’s done!

Steps for setting up the parental controls for particular child user accounts

  1. Click the Protect button available just next to the account you want to modify
  2. Choose the age range for the particular user account
    1. Just remember each age range filter have pre-configured to help the user control and block particular kind of web traffic
  3. Click Optional Settings and you will see the option to Block websites that contain potentially inappropriate images or language from appearing in your user’s search results
  4. The option for the same is selected by default
  5. Enter particular URLs ad choose Allow or Block to add different links to the white or black list
  6. Now, click Online Schedule to mention the time duration within which a user can access the internet
  7. Choose “I Want to choose when my child can go online”
  8. Green Portions of the grid depicts the days and times during which the user (or the child) can use the internet
  9. On the other hand, white portion depicts the days and times during which the user cannot access the internet

If a user attempts to use the internet during the prohibited period, you selected with the white portion, the antivirus software will notify them that they don’t have the access to the same.  After following these steps, if you fail to set the administrator password or McAfee parental control settings then the best idea is to call the McAfee toll-free number. The customer support team will help you with the best possible solution. Hope the information was useful!

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