McAfee Acquired Sky high Networks Completely

McAfee, the leading security services and solutions provider has just announced the complete acquisition of the cloud security firm, Sky-high Networks. This new acquisition will be a part of the McAfee Cloud Security Business Unit. Sky-high is a perfect match to all McAfee strategies that includes focusing on building as well as optimizing mission-critical cyber security environments for the upcoming time. The company holds an expertise in CASB (cloud access security broker) market segment that is considered to be one of the fastest booming sectors of the information security investments for the past few years.

With this deal, McAfee would be able to bring a cloud portfolio that states the three main challenges of managing multi-cloud environments. These three challenges are:

  • Visibility into networks
  • Workloads and data
  • Advanced threat protection and pervasive data protection

Chris Young, chief executive officer at McAfee said that “Today’s announcement marks a new milestone for the future of our company”. With two market leader working together under one brand name, we will make cyber security a trans-formative power for the digital era. Our main focus is on securing devices to the clouds where the customers store their important information. We are also focusing on giving the customers complete access to the market-leading capabilities in the architectural control points that are most important.

At present 93% of the organizations are using some form of cloud services due to trust in a Cloud Sky, as per the McAfee’s 2017 cloud adoption and security report. These new cloud security solutions will offer the customers advanced threat protection, visibility, data protection controls for all clouds to protect network traffic, data and workloads. With the help of the McAfee Cloud Workload Security (McAfee CWS), multi-cloud security management of Sky-high Security Cloud (Sky-high), and McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform (McAfee vNSP), the network administrators can identify as well as protect critical cloud resources. McAfee solutions will help the security professionals in protecting the cloud in the following ways:


With the McAfee cloud security solutions, the organizations would be able to identify where their important resources store in the cloud. Sky high recognizes the confidential information by the use of data patterns, keywords, file types, keywords and then analyse the behaviour across all cloud services, devices and users. McAfee Cloud Workload Security enables the network admins to implement advanced security controls in multiple cloud infrastructure environments in order to find out and track potentially thousands of cloud workloads as well as virtual networks. In addition, the McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform helps the admins in inspecting and analyzing all traffic to/from and within the cloud environment to boost the level of security.

Protection from Threats

Various threat prevention measures and controls are embedded to the layers across networks, files and workloads. This will help the admins take immediate and automated action when any threat detects. McAfee Cloud Workload Security keeps a strict vigil over the cloud workload configuration profiles, protecting advanced threats using machine learning and implements application white-listing to automatically enable workload compliance policies. Side by Side, McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform (McAfee vNSP) gives the admins an opportunity to visualise threat sources within log flows and utilizes dynamic behavioural analysis & sand-boxing along with the machine learning to prevent threats from traversing the network. Sky high diagnoses unusual behaviour indicative of an insider threat, esteemed user threat and compromised account.

Complete Protection of Data

Sky high, the leading cloud security expert finds out and take control of the sensitive info available, being shifting to or creating in the cloud. Network admins can regularly apply sharing permissions within applications, handling access controls in different environments, controlling the potential for oversharing information and stopping the access to download sensitive data to unauthorized devices.

Ivaylo Uzunov, the manager of Information Security at Carlson Wagon-lit Travel said that McAfee’s take over to this cloud security company will bring two security leaders together. The combination of the security services will offer a complete data visibility as well as control for all cloud applications without hindering the policy enforcement and compliance.

Darren Carroll, director Security and Risk Management Practice, SHI said that one of the prime concerns most of the customers are trying to deal with is how to protect their sensitive data stored, moved to or created in the cloud. Through the Sky high cloud security platform, the McAfee will offer network security admins market leading capabilities to save their sensitive data across multiple cloud environments. This will also allow us to implement end-to-end security from the devices to all the cloud services.

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