March 26, 2018

McAfee MAV Retail Card – McAfee Activate

Mcafee activate is one of the well-known firms that provide an ease to its users to stay connected to the online world without having the risk of the online threats like viruses, malware, spyware or other cyber attacks. These online threats might cause harm to users’ device as well as to their data in several ways. Thus, to provide safety to the device or data of the users, McAfee has developed its various security solutions that offer an amazing layer of protection against all the online threats.

Some of its popular McAfee online security products have been listed below:

  1. McAfee Virus Scan
  2. McAfee Internet Security
  3. McAfee Live Safe
  4. McAfee Antivirus Plus
  5. McAfee Total Protection

All the McAfee security products can be downloaded by the users by using either the online method or the offline method. In the online method, the users require a proper wired internet connection while, in the offline method, they need to visit the nearby retail shops.

What is McAfee MAV Retail Card

When the users adopt the offline method for downloading the McAfee Setup to their device then, they need to visit the nearby retails for purchasing the McAfee MAV offline subscription. This McAfee MAV offline pack consists of the following this as detailed below:

  1. McAfee MAV CD pack: is the CD pack that contains the McAfee MAV setup and this CD pack need to be inserted to the CD/ DVD drive of the system on which they want to install the McAfee MAV product.
  2. McAfee MAV Retail Card: is a card that is attached at the back of the purchased McAfee MAV offline subscription pack that allows its users download the McAfee MAV product to their device over internet connection instead of, inserting the McAfee MAV CD to the CD/ DVD drive of the system. The McAfee setup downloaded in such manner is of the latest version having all the latest updates. When the users go through the McAfee Retail cards they will notice the following details as mentioned below:
  • McAfee Activation Link: This activation link depends upon the product being purchased by the users like
  • McAfee Activation License Key-code: This Activation License Key-code is the 25-character alphanumeric key-code that allows users to activate the services or features involved in the McAfee MAV product installed to their device.

Before moving to the step-wise procedure of McAfee activate, there are some pre-requisites that need to be ensured by the users. Some of them have been listed below:

  •  Make sure that the operating system being installed to the users’ device should be updated.
  • The temporary files and folder of the users’ device should free from all junk files.
  • Even all the conflicting programs should be uninstalled from the device so as to perform the smooth activation or installation of the McAfee MAV product to the device.
  • Also, check whether the purchased McAfee product is compatible with the users’ device or not.

How to activate the McAfee MAV using the McAfee Retail Cards?

Activation is the most important process after performing the process of McAfee download and install to the device as the process of McAfee activate ensures that the McAfee MAV setup has been installed to the device of authorized user. The users are unable to shield their device unless the McAfee product installed to the device is activated by them. For performing the process McAfee activate, the users require an activation license key code that is made available to them in either of two forms listed below:

  1. In the form of McAfee Retail cards attached at the back of the McAfee offline packs purchased through the retail shops.
  2. In the form of the order confirmation emails retrieved to the email address registered at the time online purchase of the McAfee products.

Thus, to activate the McAfee MAV product using the McAfee Retail card, follow the steps of McAfee activate mentioned below:

  • Firstly, launch any of the web browsers like Google Chrome installed to the users’ device.
  • And type the McAfee activation link (like as specified to the purchased McAfee MAV product) in the URL bar of the browser.
  • After entering the McAfee activation link to the URL bar, hit the “Enter” key.
  • Now, the users will be displayed the activation page on the screen of the device.
  • This page consists of a form that needs to be filled with all the details related to the purchased McAfee MAV offline pack as well as the users’ details.
    1. On this form, type the “email address” of the user (registered at the time of purchasing the McAfee pack) and the 25-character alphanumeric activation license keycode (as detailed on the McAfee MAV Retail cards).
    2. Also, select the “Country” and “Language” as specified on the McAfee MAV Retail cards.
    3. After this, tap the “Submit” button and then, click the “Verify” button.

(Important Note: Ensure that the details entered by the users on the activation page should be correct. Otherwise, the incorrect details would lead to the occurrence of activation errors or issues to the device.)

For any help regarding the aforementioned step-wise procedure of McAfee activate using the McAfee MAV Retail Cards, cal the McAfee Customer Support on the McAfee toll-free number. The McAfee Customer Support team is available for all 24×7 hours in order to provide their help services to its users.