McAfee’s Chris Young talks about the strategy to fight against the Cybercrime

The Chief Executive of, Chris Young, likes the opposition faced by the Cyber security Industry to hit the popular TV series Game of Thrones. McAfee and its counterparts are locked in prolonged battle with the ever-changing foe. The competition is equally intense between the security companies.

 In a recent interview, Chris Young quoting the dialogue from the famous TV series Game of Thrones said that the white walkers are the real enemy outside the wall. Here, naming them are- the criminals and the nation-states. But on the other side of the wall, he said like the kingdoms each of the cybersecurity companies, are standing sometimes partnering and warning.

Mr. Young has joined Intel Security in 2014, he quickly got the point that it should separate from the parent Company, Intel, to become an independent kingdom of its own and renamed it as McAfee.

In 2016, McAfee has announced an independent company with the joint investment of private equity group, between Intel and TPG. TPG has bought 51 percent share, which 45 percent less than Intel has bought for Mcafee, valuing at $4.2bn. The hackers are no longer remains to be the nuisance kids. They are now known as the world’s largest security forces or gangs, who are working on the organized crime. This is making the cybersecurity company to change at a fast pace.

Each and everyone in the cyber security industry had struggled to maintain themselves. Unlike the popular makers of the Antivirus Software like Symantec and McAfee, found it quite hard to change the tactics quickly. Mr. Young in an interview admitted that as part of Intel, McAfee had failed to accomplish the start-ups, which had developed into a new hacker trap.

Chris Young said in an interview that when McAfee has transitioned to Intel, then some of their acquiring activities slowed down. He further added that in the market, one needs to stay aggressive. The Intel Security company has access to the deep pockets but they don’t have the necessary plans to spend the money. He goes on saying that they are fighting against the unlimited number of ideas.

Though that has changed in the last year, receiving the Skyhigh Networks, a cloud security company, the Intel company had its first major purchasing. According to the spokesperson, the deal was worth of $720m.

According to the last year report from Frost & Sullivan and ISC research association, by 2020, a training organization,1.5m Cybersecurity jobs will remain vacant. Mr.Young said on it that some of the employees wished to work for those companies who have a specialization in security. He goes on saying that they aren’t necessarily in the same market for the talented people, especially when they are running a 100,000 person technology company.

Intel Company’s Security division was a rift between the two different task’s- selling the products as well as Intel’s chips by improving the security. He further said that when he joined the company, it was too early to think about those two, as the same.

By 2015 end, Mr. Young had saw to unwind the two, it would be relatively straightforward. Intel had joined the deal to keep a hold in the business as well as be able to partner with McAfee on projects. This structure of Intel will let it to increase its chance on valuing of its stake and making up for the loss of value. Young said that hopefully, he thinks that Intel will do well in finance.

The relatively straightforward word doesn’t mean simple. The public-school kid from Ohio, at the age of 45 years has started with the cyber-security and had climbed the bars in Tech companies. He further moved on from managing security services at AOL to encryption company RSA, VMware, the virtual machine pioneer to a senior Vice-President at Cisco, his last position.

Mr. Young hadn’t run a company nor did he solve the two operations. On this, Mr. Young said that it’s not a faint of heart to carve out more than 7,000 persons from the multibillion-dollar company, out of another 100,000 multibillion dollar company. Touching on his hair, he further said that his hair is greyer.

Young appreciated on the fact of having a partner but TGP couldn’t able to help with the grey hair. He further says that they had a lot of answers in every time and he had learned a lot. Some of them like in different countries, the confusion of the legal entities which he wants to forget. But he does have lessons for those who believe in cordial separation of companies.

Mr. Young further spoke about paying attention to the employee base and the people who works there, are those people who end up bearing the huge stress. And the employees who didn’t chose

to spin out needs to survive with their benefits of changing, new offices, and new policies. On every month, at any cost Mr. Young meet up his employees.

About the brand, Mr. Young needs to make an important decision. During the fusion with Intel, some of the products remain to be under the banner of McAfee and the Intel was renamed as Intel Security. Making it an abundance sense, the focus groups had mentioned that how the McAfee brand was still popular for the cybersecurity.


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