How to disable the Email Scanning in McAfee Virus Scan

Now-a-days, most of the phishing attempts have been made by sending the link to the users email address in large number, keeping in mind the fact that someone could be fooled to update his personal details. Thus, the renowned tech company, McAfee has included the feature of email scanning as one of its in-built features to its McAfee Virus Scan setup to secure the users against phishing attempts.

The in-built features Email Scanning automatically scans the mails retrieved to the users’ email account. After scanning the mails having the links that might download the unwanted files to the device will be automatically marked as spam to the users’ account. Despite of having numerous of advantages of email scanning, sometimes the users need to disable the email scanning feature as they may face some issues while sending or receiving the emails.

Steps to disable the Email Scanning are as follows

  1. Firstly, select the Shield icon of McAfee Virus Scan on the task bar of the device, by right clicking on it.
  2. After this, click the “Change Settings” option from the drop down menu.
  3. A window will be prompted on the screen. Here, tap the “Real-Time Scanning” option.
  4. On the Real-Time Scanning panel, go to the “Scan these attachments and locations” section.
  5. And then, unmark the checkbox in front of “Email Attachments” option to disable the feature of Email Scanning.

(If the users are not able to locate the email attachments option or locate the email scanning feature then, they may call the  Customer Support.)

  1. At last, click the “Apply” option for saving the entire changes made by the users.
  2. Now, the users may try to send the emails using their email account.

This has been recommended to disable the feature of email scanning temporarily to avoid the download of undesired files, known as virus files to the device. Thus, once the users successfully send their mail to the receiver then, they may again enable the Email Scanning by following the steps detailed below:

  1. Again, launch the “Change Settings” window, by right clicking the McAfee Virus Scan Shield icon.
  2. Now, on the “Change Settings” window, go to the “Real-Time Scanning” panel.
  3. And then, mark the “email attachments” checkbox, under “Scan these attachments and locations” section.
  4. At last, click the “Apply” button. Thus, the changes made by the users will be saved.


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