March 31, 2018

McAfee MLS Retail Card Installation Online

McAfee Activate is one of the giant tech firms that have been offering the protective layer to its users for shielding their devices and data from getting misused by the malicious users. The company has developed much antivirus software for allowing them to stay connected with internet or online world without any risks of cyber-attacks or online threats.

All the McAfee products could be downloaded to the users’ device by adopting any of the method listed below:

  1. Online Method: In online method, the users require a proper internet connection (wired connection is more preferable) for downloading the McAfee product to the device.
  2. Offline Method: In offline method, the users need to visit the nearby retail shops for purchasing the McAfee offline product.

Without considering the method adopted by the users for downloading the McAfee product to their device, it is mandatory to activate the McAfee product as without MacAfee activate, they are not able to offer the protective layer to their device. For McAfee activate, the users require the McAfee activation license keycode that is made available to them in either of the two forms listed below:

  1. In the form of order confirmation emails received to the users’ email address after purchasing the McAfee product over internet i.e. online method.
  2. In the form of McAfee Retail Card that is being attached at the back of the McAfee offline product.

Like all the McAfee products, the McAfee MLS i.e. McAfee LiveSafe has also attained a great popularity among its users of different platforms (like Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS) because of its advanced features like personal locker, protects unlimited devices with single subscription, parental control, and many more.

What is McAfee MLS Retail Card?

On purchasing the McAfee MLS product through offline method i.e. via retail shops, the users get a box of the McAfee MLS offline product. This purchased McAfee MLS offline pack consists of a CD pack inside the box that contains the antivirus software setup files. Apart from this, when the users go through the back side of the McAfee MLS offline pack, they will see a card attached at the back of it, known as the McAfee MLS Retail Card.

The McAfee MLS Retail Card consists of the following details being printed on it:

  1. McAfee MLS Activation Link: The McAfee activation link enables the users to download the McAfee MLS product to their device without inserting the offline CD pack to the CD/ DVD drive of the system. The product downloaded in such manner is ensured to be the latest and the updated one. This link depends upon the product being purchased by the user. For example:
  2. McAfee MLS Activation License Keycode: The McAfee activation license keycode is the 25-character alphanumeric code that enables users to activate the McAfee product on their device.

How to Activate the McAfee product using the McAfee MLS Retail Cards?

For activating the McAfee product using the McAfee MLS Retail Card, follow the stepwise procedure of McAfee activate detailed below:

  1. Firstly, open the web browser and then, type the McAfee Activation like as specified on the McAfee MLS Retail Card in the URL bar of browser.
  2. After this, hit the “Enter” key on the keyboard.
  3. Now, the McAfee activation page will be displayed on the screen, having a form for McAfee activate that needs to be filled with all the required details.
  4. In this form, enter the McAfee MLS Activation License Keycode and the email address register by the users at the time of purchasing the McAfee product.
  5. Also, select the “Country” and “Language” name from the drop-down list, as it has been specified on the McAfee MLS Retail Card.
  6. Once all the required details have been entered by the users, tap the “Submit” button.
  7. After this, a window will be prompted on the screen that shows all the details that have been entered by the users in above step. Here, just check whether the details are correct or not.
  8. If any of the details found to be incorrect, just click the “Edit” option for making the changes to it.
  9. At last, click the “Verify” button.
  10. Thus, the McAfee MLS gets activated on the users’ device and it could be utilized by the users for shielding it against the online threats.

If the users face any difficulty while performing the aforementioned stepwise procedure of McAfee activate then, they may contact the , for getting an instant help. The McAfee Customer Support team is available for all 24×7 hours for offering their support services to its users.