January 8, 2018

McAfee MTP Retail Card

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McAfee, the most popular tech giant offers a great selection of antivirus and other security software to help the computer users protect their data, information and devices from harmful online threats. These threats, including spyware, malware, Ransomware and more tend to enter your device with an intention of stealing your confidential information and then using it to corrupt your data. The threats may also cause loss of your hard-earned money by stealing your financial information that you provide while making online transactions.

To avoid the same, you need to have an effective security solution installed properly on your device. Among all other security solutions, McAfee is a leader. It offers a number of security solutions to meet the diverse specifications of the consumers and business. MTP or McAfee Total Protection is one such solution to fight against all types of viruses that can harm your device.

What is McAfee MTP Retail Card?

All the security software, including MTP (McAfee Total Protection) can be purchased via two modes, i.e. Online or Offline. For online purchase, you have to visit McAfee online store and for offline purchase of the antivirus, you can visit a retail store. While purchasing the antivirus, i.e. MTP from a retail store, you get a McAfee MTP retail card required for its download, installation and activation.

Where to get McAfee MTP Retail Card?

If you have purchased the McAfee Total Protection offline, then you will be having a McAfee retail card inside the box. Check that box and then take out the retail card for downloading, installing and activating your purchased product.

Pre-requisite for getting McAfee Total Protection

  1. Make sure the system you are going to install your MTP meets the required specifications, such as RAM, Operating System Version and more
  2. Make sure you don’t have any other McAfee Activate installed on your device
  3. Make sure you have enough disc space to download the MTP
  4. Remember to remove all the temporary and junk files
  5. Make sure the operating system installed on your device is updated

How to redeem McAfee MTP Retail Card?

  1. Simply flip over the retail card and then check the 25-character McAfee MTP product key
  2. Now, open the web browser and visit the URL mentioned at the back of the card
  3. Select the country and then language you prefer
  4. You will be now asked to enter the McAfee MTP product key
  5. Another thing you might be asked is the email address associated your McAfee account
  6. Provide the same and then click Enter
  7. You will also get an option to edit the email address
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue installation and then activation of your McAfee Total Protection product

While doing so, you may find several errors and the solution of which can be availed by calling McAfee customer support number, which can be contacted anytime any day. Some of the most common errors could be the following:

  1. Error while downloading McAfee subscription through the McAfee retail card
  2. Error during installation of McAfee subscription via the McAfee retail card
  3. Error during activation of McAfee subscription via the McAfee retail card
  4. Error in finding the product key on McAfee retail card
  5. Error in removing spywares & malware from your computer
  6. Incorrect or invalid product key error and more
  7. Slow speed of the PC error after the installation of McAfee subscription

Still facing trouble in activating McAfee subscription through retail card? Contact McAfee customer support team and get an instant solution. The team works 24*7 to provide all the customers best solution of all McAfee activation errors.

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