How to optimize a website for the Holiday sales?

During the holiday season, you might search the web for the perfect gifts and holiday packages for friends and family. As online shopping patterns peak around in the summers, e-commerce businesses need to get their websites updated.

With the aim of turning visitors into the potential buyers and loyal customers, you should always keep in mind the ways to optimize your websites for Holiday sales. Below is the list of things you should keep in mind about leading up to the holiday rush.

  •    You should check your website load time

Every second counts! You should keep a check on your website load time, as the more time the website will take to load the more it will frustrate the visitor, your visitor will become impatient resulting in them leaving your website to find another faster option.

This is a very important factor when it comes to the ranking of your site. This is the apt time to jump on the opportunity to improve your website’s page speed. You need to test your website speed with Google’s Page Speed Insights tool, and then try to shrink the size of your pages. You can cut down the size of your pages by removing some unwanted extras from your websites. You need to think simple, optimize images, load fewer external scripts and compress files on your website.

  •    You must follow the 8-second rule

People’s attention time is getting shorter. The average attention time on a particular website is down from 12 seconds to 8 seconds to lure the customer. In addition, the fact is, most of the people will turn out and leave if the attention time is more than 8 seconds.

The 8-second rule is mostly applied to the first time visitors who are not familiar with your website. It all depends on giving the best first impression that encourages visitors to stay and purchase from your website.

How do you make customers stay on your website and prevent them from leaving in 8 seconds?

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  1. You need to make each page pitch the customer’s benefits

Visitors should be clear about the benefits they are getting when they see your landing pages or homepage. The details in the pages should explain the reason why they should do business with you. For this, you must use eye-catching images and description of your business, explaining that why investing in your business is beneficial for the customers.

  1. You should keep your navigation and layout simple to understand

Do not overwhelm your visitors with unnecessary links. Simple navigation will allow the users to easily find the thing which they are looking for, it means the people will not get frustrate and leave your website within just 8 seconds.

  1. You should always use high-quality images

People usually do not purchase things without seeing what they are actually buying. Customers now days have become aware and buy products, which they could see, touch, hold, and sometimes even take time to do test-drive before purchasing the product. It is impossible to deliver such experience through online shopping.  That is why it is your job to make your products come alive on your website through high-defined images.

  1. You should make it mobile-friendly

In today’s mobile-driven world, many of the customers to purchase products from mobile apps and they are as comfortable as purchasing products via computers. But if a user is about to purchase a product from his/her mobile phone and in the process, they have to pinch and zoom to find they are looking for they will not purchase anything from your website.  Therefore, you should keep it mobile friendly with good images of the product.

  1. Keep your site secure

One of the main priorities for online customers these days is to stay safe while doing online shopping.  The customers look for the websites who are protected with an antivirus so that their personal data is secured. Customers look for the option where they can shop without putting their personal information at risk.  For this, you must protect your website with McAfee SECURE Trustmark. The McAfee Trustmark is recognized all around the world and scans websites to make sure it’s protected from malware, phishing sites, and malicious links.

  1. Live chat option

Nowadays Holiday shoppers avoid stores in order to avoid the long queues. The last thing they want to deal with online is waiting around for your answers to simple queries. For this, you must set up a chat service and give your visitors the customer support service experience they’re looking for.


There is no time to update your website as regular updates may also interest many of customers. Although the peak selling season can be a painful and stressful time, it’s a good idea to update your website in order to give your customers the best holiday shopping experience.

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