How to Secure your Android Hotspot while travelling?

Nowadays, it is important to keep your online data secured while travelling or even staying back at home. The hackers might enjoy accessing your data and misusing it. However, many of you have already experienced the harsh reality of cyberattack and some may have become victims. The same way you secure your traveling luggage, you need to secure your mobile data as well. Along with the data security, you should keep in mind to secure your personal identity also.

You can secure it with the help of McAfee identity theft protection. However, while travelling if you use an unsecured public Wi-Fi network, you could be exposing data that can make your online accounts prone and put you at danger of identity theft.  Most of you might enjoy logging in a free Wi-Fi network and surfing the internet when you are waiting for your flight.

However, this can lead to serious cybersecurity consequences. These cybersecurity consequences occur when your security passwords are exposed to cybercriminals who are eagerly waiting to hack your devices and credentials.

How exactly is a password exposed?

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Some applications allow searching for Wi-Fi networks in nearby area, which makes users curious to use them. Such apps also allow you to upload your Wi-Fi network’s password from your device to database for other users as well. When your database is left exposed unprotected anyone can access and download its contents. Each record in the database contained the Wi-Fi network name, its geo-location, its basic service set identifier, and the network password in plaintext. As the application didn’t require you to obtain permission to access the network, it is quite easy for the cybercriminals to modify router settings and hack the device.

Moreover, the threat to cybersecurity could also read unencrypted traffic, which will go across the wireless network and allow cybercriminals to steal your password and access your private data.

Thanks to the web host, which is able to take down the database, containing the Wi-Fi passwords within a day of being notified? However, it’s necessary for you to be aware of the cybersecurity implications that are presented by public Wi-Fi. Below are the following tips that will help you to protect your data:

  • Change your network password – If you think your password has been affected by this exposure, you need to reset it. Be sure to make your new password complex and unique.
  • Keep your Wi-Fi password private- Wi-Fi networks could be susceptible to a number of threats if their passwords are left in the wrong hands. Only share your passwords with family, friends, and those you trust, and never upload your password to a public database for strangers to use.
  • Secure your online privacy- Like McAfee Safe Connect to use a security solution that encrypt your online activity, protect your privacy by hiding your IP address, and better defend against cybercriminals.


In order to stay safe from cyber attacks while using free Wi-Fi networks, you need to be aware of cybersecurity. For this, you can install McAfee internet security to build a safeguard to protect your device and data from scammer hacking. In addition, to stay updated on the entire latest consumer and mobile security threats visit on the official site.

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