McAfee’s brand new product to boost up fun and security for online Gamers

McAfee has been a premier company in providing cybersecurity solutions for a reasonably distant period, and you can say why by just taking a quick glance on its achievements and accomplishments in recent years. Since its inception around 30 years in the past, they have produced so many marvels in the realm of digital security to help users protect themselves against security threats.

This article is for those, who spend a considerable amount of time on playing computer games, yet uncertain of the integrity of its security.

Why do gamer need security?

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The passion for a PC game is where Gamers’ heart and mind lies. Ask any true gamer, the real fun is not in completing stages in the game or killing monsters, but walking through the checkpoints without hindrances of system hang up or bugs. If an enemy obstructs your advance in the gameplay, it comes out to be fun trying to push through the enemy lines. But if you’re forced to stop playing due to technical glitches without saving your progress, then it’s a pain in the head.

Power cut is another matter, but with a genuine UPS, you can easily resume your game. The real annoyance is when you find yourself paused at some random stage while playing. All the controls seem to be lifeless, and your system appears to be dead. A gamer can call it a temporary blackout, but a cyber security expert would call it a bug.

The essence and system requirements of online gaming

System performance is a crucial aspect for gamers, because gaming consumes a lot of memory and drinks half the processing power. Gaming PCs needs to have equipped with heavy specifications like 2 GB RAM, 1 TB storage, 2 GB graphic card, and power backup in comparison to computers we use to work. Online gaming not only drains your processing power considerably but also adds security threats of being constantly connected with other gamers and sharing information across Internet connections.

In conjunction with enhancing performance, gamers need impeccable security solutions to protect their computers while playing online. A majority of gamers have designated security as the fourth pillar of gaming experience place for security after CPU, RAM and Graphics.

So, what can we do to prevent it, or if there is any solution by McAfee?

A couple of months earlier, McAfee publicized their intentions of releasing a brand new program exclusively designed to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience. The security solution will mount a stronger defense on devices and programs used by gamers. The work is of pristine quality with complete modification of features to ensure compatibility with gaming functions. The program will boost the overall performance of your gaming machine while blocking cyber threats that may disrupt your harmony.

McAfee Gamer Security is a one-stop solution for all your security concerns. The program is compatible with unique security needs and preferences of gamers across the world, uplifting in-game performance and troubleshooting errors.

McAfee proclaimed to release the product within the first quarter of the year 2019 for beta users in the initial phase. The following versions of the product will be scheduled later this year. The program will provide gamers a new gaming experience with amenities like customized notification and lightweight security.

Several other added features will further boost your gaming performance such as:

  • Automatic optimization of CPU, GPU, RAM and Storage
  • Optimize your computer settings for better gaming performance
  • Gamer-centric interface
  • Minimal resource consumption
  • Dashboard updates

In the End,

We don’t know for now about the cost of the program but if it’s in-line with other McAfee products, the prices will be reasonable for the number of features it provides.

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